• Strategic lines

    • Orienting innovation processes in the agricultural sector.
    • Comprehensively support innovation processes in the sector.
    • Adding value to innovation processes.
    • Rendera quality service both internally and externally.
  • Dissemination and communication

    • Dissemination of initiatives supported by FIA.
    • Organization of talks, workshops, forums, seminars and other events, aimed at students, producers, entrepreneurs, advisors, consultants.
    • Participation in fairs accompanying project executors.
    • FIA media management: website, institutional magazine, technical bulletins
  • Innovation programs management

    Innovation Programs have four main lines of action:

    • Construction and consolidation of stakeholder networks, based on platforms for dialogue between the public and private sectors and the world of research and technological development.
    • Leadership and management of instances of public-private articulation using participatory and innovative methodologies
    • Elaboration of programmatic documents and Innovation Agendas that identify the needs and priorities of the agricultural, agri-food and forestry sectors in terms of innovation, together with the actors of the sector.
    • Management of initiatives based on the Innovation Agendas in each of the production chains, territories and areas of strategic interest for the agricultural, agri-food and forestry sectors.

    For more information on the management of innovation programs by subjects, areas and territories, we invite you to visit

  • Management of instruments for innovation

    • We design instruments to promote innovation according to the needs of the country’s categories and territories.
    • We provide the sector with support instruments through calls for proposals.
    • We manage national and regional calls for proposals on priority agricultural innovation topics
    • We provide technical and financial follow-up to each of the initiatives supported by FIA.
    • We evaluate the results of innovation initiatives and their impacts.
    • We value the results of innovation initiatives that have completed their implementation.